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The Outworlds Alliance is a major Periphery power located spinward of Terra and the Inner Sphere, bordering both the Draconis Combine and the Federated Suns. Since the beginning of the 31st century, the situation in the Outworlds Alliance has become particularly grim. With the general loss of technology, Alliance worlds have suffered greatly from pirate raids, declining population and literacy levels. The people feel that their government has betrayed them, and there have been many riots and demonstrations against the hereditary Avellar regime in recent years. Although no one has yet seriously challenged the right of House Avellar to rule the Outworlds, armed rebellion is likely if the deteriorating situation does not reverse itself.

Of course, instability means many things to many people… 

And to the Mercenaries of the Inner Sphere, war is business… and business is booming.

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Home Page

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